Specialty Exterior Cleaning

Gutter Brightening

Do your gutters have dark streaks that won’t come off? This is a common problem, and we have a solution. CityScape Gutter Brightening can remove dark streaks and bring your gutters back to an almost new appearance.

Wood Fence Restoration *Coming Soon- ask for details

The solution for wooden fences can vary depending on the age and condition of the fencing. Very old fencing will likely require pre-treatment, pressure washing, and a final rinse with Oxalic Acid to restore the wood to its prime condition.

Vinyl Siding Oxidation Removal *Limited Availability- ask for details

The sun’s UV rays are the cause of oxidation on vinyl siding. The telltale sign of oxidation is a chalky film on the surface of the siding. A soft wash will leave oxidation undisturbed and clean other dirt from the siding, but if you want to bring your vinyl back to an almost original finish a CityScape Oxidation Removal is the service for you.

Gutter Cleaning *Complimentary Service included with Gutter Guard Installation