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As a Chattanooga native I was excited to start a small business here. I worked in the building and remodeling world as a kid in the family business and probably used a pressure washer for the first time around age 14 (Kingwood Auto Sales if I remember correctly). Since then, five years of college and a decade in law enforcement got in the way, but now I’m back to messing around with water in the outdoors. Sounds like the beach, right?!

I love real estate, and my wife and I have been involved in property management in varying degrees since 2012 when we started leasing out our first home. It’s likely that a personal residence is the most consistently valuable asset most Americans will ever own. And whether you’re interested in the re-sale value of your home or just the sense of pride and satisfaction of coming home to a beautiful house every day, the most essential investment you can make in your home is a professional exterior cleaning by CityScape Exteriors.

For some of us it makes sense to pull out the pressure washer we bought from Home Depot or Costco and spend a Saturday working on the driveway, but when time doesn’t allow or you’d rather not work on your tan without a drink in hand, CityScape Exteriors is here to help with professional equipment and specialized knowledge to make sure your most valuable asset stays looking its best and maintaining your net worth as a home owner.

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Justin Brumbaugh

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