Soft Wash

When you notice that your home or business looks dirty on the outside, it’s time for a Soft Wash. From the 1970’s through the early 2000’s home-owners and handymen used high water pressure to physically force dirt, algae, and other debris from the surface of whatever structure they were cleaning; however, the industry has evolved for the better.

Pressure washing a structure’s exterior surface can damage paint, siding, and caulking around windows and doors. It can also result it uneven removal of oxidation from vinyl siding resulting in a time and cost intensive restoration of the vinyl.

CityScape Soft Wash uses a safe blend of chemicals and surfactants to clean organic matter from your building’s exterior surfaces. The process involves one or more applications of our cleaning solution and a simple rinse to remove the cleaner and debris from the structure. The use of Sodium Hypochlorite ensures that algae and other organic matter is killed at the level of its pores rather than simply blown off. This ensures that your home or business will stay looking cleaner for longer.

If you have questions about our Soft Wash service, please contact us for more information.