HVAC Coil Cleaning Service

As a home-owner and property manager I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t having my HVAC systems serviced properly to maintain those units and lower my energy bills.

Only until actually listening to an HVAC guy I trusted (a family friend, who I’d refer to anyone in Chattanooga) did it sink in that we’re supposed to have our outdoor air conditioner coils cleaned annually at minimum.

I’d performed this service on window units before using a cleaner from Home Depot, but only in 2022 did I learn about professional cleaners and perform a professional grade cleaning on a full size HVAC condenser unit.

I realized that Cityscape Exteriors is perfectly aligned to provide this service to our customers, and I found that we can actually do it at a discounted rate! That’s good news for Cityscape and for Chattanooga home owners! The national average cost for this service is $250.00, and locally I’ve seen it provided for $150.00.

Cityscape offers HVAC coil cleaning for a flat rate of $100.00 when combined with another cleaning service. So, you could potentially have your driveway cleaned and HVAC coils serviced for the same rate as others are paying just for an AC coil cleaning. Let this be the year you take care of your HVAC system, get a bonus service, and feel great doing it!